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Group Coaching

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The Neurodivergent Breakthrough ADHD Coaching Program is best done in a group setting. Expertly designed for calm focus and life-changing breakthroughs, this 16-week course and judgement-free community empowers you to master ADHD management strategies.

So what happens during these 16 weeks?

First, we dive deep, starting with Education and Acceptance to understand the neurological underpinnings of ADHD and how to eliminate shame through compassion.


Then, we transition into Understanding Your Brain, equipping you with practical knowledge and techniques to navigate daily challenges.


The journey peaks with Tool Creation, a phase where we customize strategies that seamlessly integrate into your life.

The live coaching sessions are the backbone of our program. Scheduled weekly, these interactive sessions are your opportunity to dive deep into the content, ask questions, and get live feedback. Missed a session? No problem! Every session is recorded, ensuring you never miss a beat. Plus, for those who like to prepare in advance, there's the option to submit questions beforehand, making sure every concern is addressed.

We understand the power of community. Our program thrives on group connections, offering a supportive setting where participants forge genuine bonds with fellow neurodivergent women. This shared journey fosters understanding, encouragement, and a shared sense of belonging. Here, you're not alone; you're part of a vibrant community that gets it.












Why group coaching?

Group coaching unlocks ADHD potential through mutual understanding and shared wisdom. In this supportive, judgment-free environment, innovative ideas flourish freely. Each person discovers their unique path to breakthrough and change.

Embrace innovative mindfulness techniques, harness collective wisdom, and discover your unique path to an organized, productive, and fulfilling ADHD-friendly lifestyle.


  • Weekly 75-minute recorded group coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Connection between meetings for added support and accountability 

  • LIFETIME access to a library of short, go-at-your-own-pace digital courses and webinars 

  • Concrete and digital materials to support the changes you want to make

  • A sisterhood of compassionate women who support you in a judgment-free zone.  

  • Understand your unique ADHD brain

  • Build compassion and acceptance, and let go of limiting beliefs

  • Learn how to manage your life, in your way

  • Learn strengths-based, scientific strategies that work for you to manage ADHD and improve your executive functioning

  • Learn to regulate your nervous system to keep your focus sharp, and reduce sensory overload and emotional overwhelm

What's Included?

What to Expect...

Individual Coaching

1:1 coaching is determined on a case-by-case basis, book a call to find out more. 

Giving Back: A portion of all proceeds go towards the Neurodivergent Breakthrough Scholarship Fund, which helps others access ADHD coaching and support.
Your investment not only benefits you but also contributes to a greater cause.




  • You have not addressed co-existing mental health challenges or they are significantly impacting your life right now

  • You don't want to think of new ways to tame your ADHD symptoms

  • Are so busy that you are unable to commit to coming to a weekly meeting let alone outside exercises and action items that are necessary for change

  • Are currently dealing with major life events or crises


  • You are motivated and ready to get started!

  • You're ready to tame ADHD symptoms impacting daily life and achieving goals

  • You want to overcome feeling overwhelmed or stuck

  • You have been DIYing your ADHD management: you've read books and tried to implement strategies on your own, but cannot seem to sustain them or know how to apply them successfully.

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