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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the structure and time commitment?
    The Neurodivergent Breakthrough is a 16-week small group coaching experience. We have a 75-min virtual sessions where I speak about different topics, and where you can ask questions, brainstorm, get past mental blocks, and share wins! Homework consists of self-directed modules between sessions to integrate the work. Expect to spend 3-4 hours a week outside of calls implementing, practicing, and refining your skills. After 16 weeks you may continue within the program with a small monthly membership fee.
  • Do I have to be formally diagnosed with ADHD to participate?
    Of course not! Self-diagnosis is valid. We welcome individuals who suspect they may have ADHD, as well as those who have already been diagnosed. Our services are designed to help individuals better understand and manage their symptoms, develop effective coping strategies, and improve overall quality of life. Whether you have a formal diagnosis or not, we are here to support and empower you on your journey
  • How do you create a safe, supportive environment?
    All members agree to a confidentiality policy, ensuring personal sharing remains private and contained within the group. As a licensed therapist, I am a mandated reporter and am held to the ethical standards that have been set by WA, WI, and FL and the American Counseling Association; This means that while coaching sessions are confidential, I have a legal and ethical obligation to break confidentiality if I become aware of any incidents of abuse or neglect towards a minor, elderly, or disabled person. I am also required to notify authorities if a client is at imminent risk of seriously harming themselves or others. Client safety and protecting vulnerable populations is my highest priority The Neurodivergent Breakthrough program celebrates and empowers women in all their diversity. We warmly welcome any individuals who identify as women, including trans women, non-binary folks who are woman-aligned, and all across the spectrum of womanhood and female experience. Our top priority is creating an affirmative, supportive space for you to fully show up as your authentic self. There is a zero tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, or exclusion based on gender identity or expression. Any participant who violates this policy by making others feel unsafe, disrespected or unwelcome due to their gender will be immediately removed from the program, no refunds, no exceptions.
  • What is included?
    The Neurodivergent Breakthrough is a 16-week small group coaching experience with: Weekly 75-min virtual group coaching sessions where you can ask questions, brainstorm, get past mental blocks, and share wins! Homework consists of self-directed modules between sessions to integrate the work. Don't worry, all calls are recorded and will be available for replay (because you know, we have ADHD). Lifetime access to a library of courses where you will learn to manage your ADHD like a pro. A private Discord Server (if you don't know what that is, I'll help you get set up) just for you and others who are on this journey to communicate with each other, share ideas, ask me questions, and celebrate wins. Optional continued membership after the 16 weeks are through for continued support via Discord, access to guest speakers, new webinars, and anything else that may come along.
  • What is the investment?
    Investing in coaching is an opportunity to rapidly improve your life, relationships, and well-being. No more struggling alone with ADHD management! Medication helps, but it can't provide those long-lasting skills or freedom from shame. If you've looked at other coaching programs, you'll notice that they often don't mention cost. I do not gatekeep that information because I believe in complete transparency. Your investment in the 16 week Neurodivergent Breakthrough program is $2,997. Payment plans and financing are available upon request. The best part? A portion of coaching fees go directly towards a scholarship fund. This allows more women to access life-changing coaching who may not have that opportunity otherwise. It's all about building an empowered, supportive community! So why not take that first step towards unlocking your extraordinary potential? This journey has the power to change everything for the better.
  • Is coaching covered by insurance?
    No, unfortunately coaching is not covered by insurance and is only out-of-pocket. That being said, the education and strategies that would take years of research, reading, and practice to understand and implement are all in one place with an expert on your side. I know I had a million tips and tricks saved in the digital world, but I didn't ever look at them again.
  • What are executive functioning skills?
    Executive functioning skills are a set of cognitive abilities that help individuals manage tasks, regulate behavior, and achieve goals. These skills include planning, organization, time management, impulse control, emotional regulation, flexible thinking, working memory, and self-monitoring. They are crucial for managing daily tasks, staying organized, and achieving long-term goals. People with ADHD often struggle with one or more of these skills, which is why ADHD coaching focuses on improving executive functioning to help women lead more organized and productive lives.
  • What is ADHD Coaching?
    ADHD Coaching is a collaborative process where an ADHD coach helps you set clear goals and take consistent action to achieve them. ADHD coaches specialize in improving executive functioning skills like time management, planning, emotional regulation, and organization. We work with you to develop personalized solutions, strategies, and systems based on your strengths and motivations to address your ADHD challenges. The coaching process empowers you to improve daily functioning and overall well-being by creating structured routines, setting achievable goals, improving communication skills, and enhancing self-awareness.
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